When will it rain?

Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration. ~Lou Erickson

It was a beautiful morning in Fairhope…a little bit overcast with some dark shades of grey in the clouds but that’s a beautiful sight to a gardener during a drought. However, there’s no sight of rain until Thursday, but that’s and “isloated” chance. We have had little to no rain to speak of in quite some time. I love the bright sunny, cloudless days but enough is enough. My grass is browning, the bamboo in my yard is not looking too healthy and there is a tall long-leaf pine in my yard that has died quickly over the past 2 months. Are there more dying?
Because of my diligent watering of my small vegetable garden (and hiring someone to help while I was on vacation), it is looking just fine. The cool weather this past week has, I believe, stalled the ripening of my tomatoes but warm days are back and they’re starting to color up.
We could use some rain but I have to say “be careful what you wish for.” I haven’t built an ark so I’m not ready for a deluge.

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