With my garden growing to triple its size, my luffah was vining like crazy. I had to pull it out of the bushes bordering the vegetable garden. I had been training it to go over and around the garden by trellising with bamboo I cut from my yard. Its goal was to reach the brick wall on the house and grow from there.  Another luffah plant is vining up the house.  Anyway, it was working great but had also taken over my 3′ high basil plants. Some of the luffah leaves had yellowed and gone limp, attaching themselves as they dried out to my veggies. So, since I was weeding, staking my tomatoes and trimming my basil I decided to cut off the dead leaves from my luffah.

Snip. I cut the plant in half; the yellowed leaf still stuck where it was.

With an empty planter and my best soil (thankfully I have a full bag waiting for use) I de-trellised and transplanted the vine into the pot and watered it well.

All I can do is pray. There were several gords on that 4′ long piece that I accidentally cut off.  I don’t know if luffah will re-root. Will you pray, too?

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