Garden on Steroids

I was away for 10 days.  I had a housesitter take care of my vegetable garden with instructions to water every morning while she let the dog out.  My garden has tripled in size; it’s true.

My bell peppers are 12 inches taller, my dill bolted unfortunately but it’s currently 2 feet taller than it was 10 days ago.  My cherry tomato plant is taller than I and full of fruit.  Hope it doesn’t all ripen at the same time.  I can only eat so much.

The basil will become pesto as soon as Publix gets in its Greenwise pine nuts.  And we’ll be eating Gary’s famous homemade Pizza Margherita every night until we’re sick of it.

The squash is flowering like crazy.  Hope it fruits up.

We harvested 3 cucumbers with plenty still to come.  I’ve researched some great cucumber salads.  I’ll post the recipes later this week.  Dill and cucumbers should taste wonderful.

I guess either the garden grew at record speed while I was gone or the saying is really true: a watched pot never boils.

One thought on “Garden on Steroids

  1. I am glad your garden did well while you were here. We lost all of our squash but our cukes are doing well. I hope to have many of the veggies that you do, next year and I am glad to have a knowledgeable buddy to share info with. Enjoy your garden!

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