Garden Survey

I took a garden care survey for the National Gardening Association today (check them out on Facebook). It asked questions like what kind of garden I have, what size is it and where I buy my garden supplies. It also asked detailed info about landscape weed control fabric and frost prevention covers.
I buy my supplies at the nearest store, except if it’s WalMart because they don’t carry quality garden supplies.  My boys take piano lessons a stones throw from Home Depot so that’s a logical choice for some products.  I also frequent Old Thyme Feed in Fairhope.  I appreciate Cecil and his staff.
I don’t use weed control fabric. I’ve put in in landscaping when I owned a house but found that if you have your plants close together, chances of getting lots of weeds is minimal. Using the best mulch is key, too.  The cheap stuff is full of weed seeds.  My vegetable garden has excellent soil in it (no mulch) and I’ve only plucked one weed. I really don’t know, though, if it was a weed. Early in the season I planted a lettuce strip. It’s a thin piece of paper with seeds embedded into it and spaced accordingly. You dig a shallow trench in your garden, place the strip in the trench and cover it with soil. Mine never germinated although I think what I picked out may have been a seedling.
As far as frost prevention, I didn’t have a home garden that needed frost prevention last year. At the community garden I simply placed an old bed sheet over the plants I thought needed protection. I did that maybe 2 or 3 times.  If we have more vegetables next year I will consider purchasing a garden blanket but I’ll have to consult the Master Gardeners for a brand.
In the end, my survey has qualified me for a $100 gift certificate. Hopefully it’ll come by email so I don’t have to camp out at the mailbox.

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