Garden Obsession

“The trouble with gardening is that it does not remain an avocation.
It becomes an obsession.”
— Phyllis McGinley

Some of my friends are obsessed with their gardens. They’ll work in them from sunrise to sunset and mention from time to time that they are obsessed with their garden. I am happy for them.

I had to think about my gardening life. Am I obsessed, too? I do wait until after my coffee to check on things and water my plants so that shows I know have other things to do. Ok. I do walk outside to my garden often; well, maybe every hour just to make sure there are no bugs attacking or dying leaves. I’ll stare at my plants for a while; don’t know why, maybe I can catch them in the act of growing. Hum!

I don’t think I’m obsessed; just impatient for the harvest.
I bought some chicken poop today and fertilized my vegetables. Hopefully it will speed their growth.

The bush cucumbers are flowering like crazy; hopefully I’ll have a big harvest. Nothing else is doing as well, although everything looks great. I just don’t have the abundance of flowers yet. I’ll have to stop obsessing over the lack of flowers and learn to be patient.

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