Burned out…

I decided since I have potted plants surrounding my raised garden bed that I should trim the grass around the base of the garden bed. I removed all the pots and the garden fence surrounding it that keeps rabbits out.

The weed-eater we have is very old. It didn’t seem to want to work but I got it going. Then, I smelled smoke. I quickly unplugged it, set it on my brick patio and put the hose on it for about 20 minutes before it finally stopped smoking.

The grass around the garden bed looks great but I’ll have to purchase a new weed-eater.

I also got a chance to fertilize my plants with some more mushroom compost. They’re doing great. 

The cilantro finally has flowers on it so hopefully I will get at least a handful of seed for the next planting. I found some small cilantro mixed in with some other plants we have for the JMG plant sale this weekend. Not enough to sell, I put them in my garden. I’m anxious to see if they’ll grow into anything worthwhile.

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