Time for Thyme

“Never enough thyme in this garden of mine”
– Unknown

I don’t have much thyme in my garden. It’s a slow grower from seed. As a result there in one little plant. We use it a lot so I’ll be forced to purchase a plant but I’ll wait until my husband suggests it. He may not need any extra thyme.
Speaking of thyme, I spent some thyme at the Homestead Village garden plot this morning. It’s looking ok. A Master Gardener has the raised bed next to ours, so ours looks rather puney by comparison but I am happy with ours. Traci added some tomatoes that were donated to any gardener that wanted them. I placed some cages around them. The garden needs some fertilizer so I’ll be back next week with some better soil and manure. Yum. At least the plants think it’s “yum.”
My home garden is growing great. I mistook the tabasco peppers for squash. Sorry but I did plant peppers in the starter pots and then placed a marker in them. I guess I put the wrong marker in the wrong seed pots. I don’t know where the tabasco peppers are; perhaps they never germinated.
At this thyme I will take a break from gardening. My Sabbath will start early this weekend since I really didn’t take a rest last weekend. When God offers you a day off, take it.
And have a good thyme.

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