Ants in my Plants

I was devastated to find a fire ant mound next to my vegetables yesterday. I have all of the Jr Master Gardener’s plants on my patio for the Plant Sale in 2 weeks, plus some of my own potted plants along with my raised bed garden. Thankfully the JMG plants were not affected. I moved them to higher ground (my table and chairs).
The ant mound came from the edge of my brick patio and all within; the bricks do not have mortar between them, just dirt/sand and it’s easy for the ants to make a patio mound.
At Old Thyme Feed, there was a product called Hi-Yield Vegetable and Ornamental Insect Control Granules which the staff recommended I try since the mound was attached to my veggies. It said on the bag it was effective for fire ants.
This morning the mound is less active, but desiring to kill them off quickly I poured a few more granules on it and between the bricks closest to the mound.
I saved my plants from the ants.

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