Dissolvable Packing Peanuts

My husband just got a shipment of goodies to eat and write about (www.dixiedining.wordpress.com) and the box was also filled with dissolvable packing peanuts.
When I had an educational toy/products business my products would arrive packed with the same peanuts. I would toss them in a bucket with water and the boys played with them until they were gone. Sometimes we’d lick the ends and stick one to another to make a “train”. Too much fun!
Since they were safe to play with, I’m now wondering if they’re good for the garden. They are made of either corn starch or potato starch or both and I can’t find anything on the internet saying there is anything else in them, so I’m thinking it would be safe to compost. There are several stories on the internet with the pros and cons of doing this.
So what do you think? Should I compost them or dissolve them and pour the solution down the drain?  But then, “all pipes lead to the ocean” (Finding Nemo) or in my case, the Bay.

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