“I am not a lover of lawns. Rather would I see daisies in their thousands, ground ivy, hawkweed, and even the hated plantain with tall stems, and dandelions with splendid flowers and fairy down, than the too-well-tended lawn.” ~W.H. Hudson, The Book of a Naturalist, 1919

I think a well manicured lawn looks nice, but we don’t desire to take the time to worry with it at my house. We cut our grass, pay someone to edge from time to time, rake leaves, pick weeds from the garden beds and trim the bushes once a year. Still I think we’ve always had nice looking yards.

In my neighborhood, someone is in charge of putting a sign on a different yard each month stating it’s the “Yard of the Month”. I do agree with their choice from month to month but I never want to see the sign on my yard. It will mean that, one, I’ve worked too hard and sacrificed my time doing something truly meaningful, and two, that I finally made our home that we rent acceptable to neighborhood standards. My standards are high enough; they just don’t included monthly spraying by some chemical yard company.

At a Master Gardener workshop I attended last month, the speaker was talking about how chives spread like crazy. The more you cut them the more they grow, and the thicker and more lush they get. As a bonus they have a beautiful flower. At that moment, my friend, Traci, who I went to these classes with, and I looked at each other with the same thought. Plant chives instead of grass. Cut it regularly for a lush yard and let it go occasionally for some beautiful flowers. For dinner, you have an acre of a wonderful herb to cook with.

I wonder how the neighbors would feel about it.

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