First Leaves

God created things of their own kind. So in terms of seed, those from the squash family look similar, peppers look similar, lettuce looks similar etc.
When a seed germinates and shows it’s first leaves, they can look like many other plants. Their second leaves and so on are their own.
I have many plants growing in my backyard. Of these I’ll show you the starter leaves and some secondary leaves of the Tabasco Pepper, Luffah, Tomboncino Squash and Cucumber. Their starter leaves look so similar but if you look really closely, their veins are different. Some are brighter colored, some are different in the pattern of the vein. Look carefully; it’s fun to study.
The reason I’m interested in this is because one, I’m just a curious garden geek and two, I have some plants I didn’t label. I have no idea what they are and because they look similar to other plants, I probably won’t know for a while; maybe not until they produce fruit. These are looking like tomato plants, and some are herbs. The herbs I’ll figure out with their next leaves, although some, so far, have lost me. 
Here are the pictures I promised:

Tabasco Pepper
Luffah with a secondary leaf
Tromboncino Squash and a few shoots of parsley. Wonder how that got there! Oops!
Bush Cucumber. Notice how the secondary leaf looks similar to the Luffah. Interesting!

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