Garden Photography

I went to the Baldwin County Master Gardener’s workshop on “Garden Photography” this week. The speaker had been photographing flowers for years and as a result, had won many awards for her work.

The main tip she gave, that seemed to work best for her, was to fill the frame. Whatever item you’re photographing (flowers, fruit, insects) should fill the view finder or screen of your digital camera.  While her photos were nice, she obviously liked close ups.

Now, I’m going to impose my view here: If you want a close up of the object then fill the screen. However, take a photo of that object with what’s around it as well.

I enjoy good composition in a photograph or painting.  The space around the item, the relationship of that item to others around it, and variety of colors and shapes are things that I look for.  Don’t be afraid to take as many pictures of the same thing as you can.  Use your close-up setting (usually noted with a flower icon) to get close-ups.  Then take shots of the same item from a distance incorporating what’s around it.  

Most of us just buy a camera, especially the point and shoot variety, and just start using it.  It’s a really good idea to read the user’s manual.  I learned more about what my camera can do by reading it.  Take the time.

One last thing I found interesting was when the lady, presenting the workshop, showed us her Cannon point-and-shoot she got from the drug store and a lens adapter she found on the internet.  With this adapter placed around the lens (the one that usually pops out and into place when  you turn your camera on) you can add special lens.  I haven’t researched what is available for my Kodak Easy Share camera.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Take photos of what you like, crop the way you want, and incorporate composition if you don’t think the close-up is that great.  Check out the local festivals in your area and your county fair for competitions.  Maybe your next photo of your vegetable garden will be a blue ribbon winner.

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