Are Plants Affected by Daylight Savings Time?

Probably not, but I am. I was able to enjoy more afternoon sunlight time with my plants.
I repotted the tomato plants that I found with leaf damage yesterday. I set them deeper in the soil. Hopefully, Cecil’s suggestions will work and we’ll have healthy plants for the plant sale next month. We have 48 pots of tomato plants. A few contain more than one plant.
I’m “plant sitting” for two other Jr Master Gardener families since they’ve been out of town this week. We didn’t want them sitting inside their homes or garages unwatered, or outside if the temperature dropped.
Some were radishes. There were so many growing in the individual peat pots that I separated them into one plant per planter space. Each planter has 12 spaces and I separated the radishes so that now we have, instead of one planter with a ton of radishes, we have 3 with a dozen plants each. That will be easier to sell.
The herbs we’re growing look good as do the peppers. We have Dill, Taragon, Basil and 3 types of peppers. I think we’ll have a great sale next month.

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