March 8, 2011

I spent the day staring at my plants. You know, a watched pot never boils; well same goes for plants. The looked the same all day but it was exciting because I got to notice the details of the leaves sprouting from new plants. It seems all the plants, no matter what kind, look alike when they first germinate and sprout. Then, little by little they start to grown their own distinct leaves. That’s what I noticed today. The dill is starting to look like dill, same with the tomatoes, lettuce, basil and peppers. Radishes, too.
We’re supposed to get some rain over the next day or two. So far, the radar shows it’s quite north of us. Maybe it will rain over night.
I checked the rain gauge at the community garden and as of rain ending Saturday night last week, we got 1.25 inches. None so far this week.

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