Composting My Way

The hardest thing about composting is remembering that you have a compost. I haven’t had it for long. I scouted out an area near the back wooded part of my yard that I can’t see from the patio (I like my beautiful view) and started throwing stuff in a pile. I have fruit scraps, leaves, some dirt, small branches I cleared from the yard, plants that died over the winter and grass clippings. I have a lot of work to do it get it “nice”.
But first, I have to remember that it’s there. Last night I was cutting vegetables for stir fry. I set up a cutting board, a bowl for the cut pieces and a bowl for the scraps that will go into the compost. As I cut, I would put the veggies in the bowl and the scraps in the trash can. How stupid of me! When I was done, I realized what I did so I pulled all of the scraps out of the trash and put them in the separate bowl. It is now sitting by the sink waiting for more scraps.
I heard it takes several days to change your habits. I’m looking forward to it.
As for my compost pile, a neighbor just lent me a saw so I plan to cut 4 stalks of bamboo for the posts and get some wire from the store to place around the posts. It was recommended that one side be shorter than the others to make it easier to access.
One thing I remember from a class I took was never put animal fat in your compost; only organic material. We have a lot of organic material here in my wooded neighborhood and my refrigerator, plus with our damp weather, I’m told things break down quickly.
I recently went to the Friends of the Library book store in Fairhope. They just happened to have a book on composting. I’ll be studying it.

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