What’s in my Garden?

I don’t have much space in my yard for a garden; it’s very shady except in the summer when the sun comes directly over my house and leaves my patio and a small area very hot and bright. I also rent my home so I can’t really put in an extensive garden requiring a tilled ground or major raised bed. And, since we move often I usually have container gardens. But this year I wanted a raised bed.  I spent the winter figuring out where the sun was during that season and found a spot in the yard, near the patio that is sunny year-round.
I found a 48″ diameter (yes it’s round) raised bed frame at WalMart. It was 10 dollars. I filled it with two bags of soil that Cecil, owner of Old Thyme Seed in Fairhope, suggested and covered that with a potting mixture that I bought from him as well. Three bags for $4.95 each. I added some manure (small bucket) and a handful of Plant-tone fertilizer that I had in the garage from last year when I was container gardening. Don’t know the cost.
My plants include cilantro, pineapple sage, rosemary, basil, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, tabasco pepper and squash.
This morning I found squirrel prints in my garden at the squash sign. I guess my seeds were breakfast this morning so I’ll start them again but in a starter pot.
Each herb cost me $4.95 (they’re a great size, too). Most of my seeds were free and heirloom which I’ll talk about in another blog.
Total cost, so far: $44.65 plus tax.
We chose to grow herbs because we cook with them. By January our rosemary plant is usually a stick.  Cilantro (at $4.95 a plant) is a great deal since you spend almost that much for a bunch at the grocery store and only use a few sprigs before it goes bad. We’ve already saved money on this one plant. We go through more basil than we can grow so I bought a container with 6 plants in it. I have a pack of seed that came in a mailer from Southern Living Magazine.  Pineapple sage is new for us: I bought it for my husband. We eat tomatoes but I’m told since large varieties don’t grow well here I chose cherry tomatoes with a short growing time. My husband wanted the peppers and I wanted the squash and lettuce. In separate pots we also have mint and garlic chives. They both grow uncontrollably so I do recommend growing them in separate containers.
I am so excited about this garden.

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