Gardening 101

Everyone seems to be starting a garden of some kind or other these days. Reasons are as varied as the seeds that are sowed. Some want fresh veggies cheap; others want assurance of quality and no pesticides; others just want to have fun.
But some people still hesitate. There are many reasons: no space (use pots), no yard to speak of (use pots), no sun in the yard (find plants that don’t require direct sun), etc. I bet a lot of them also say, “I just don’t have time”.
I found this blog that gives advice on gardening in 15 minutes a day. Here…check it out: http://bbbseed.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/the-grow-your-own-food-in-15-minutes-a-day-challenge/
You, too, can have a garden.

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