Free Seeds

There’s an organization out of San Antonio, TX that gives away seeds.  Their mission this: to end hunger by providing seeds, gardening supplies, and free gardening advice free to everyone in the USA. They want everyone to have a garden and grow vegetables for their families.

So I contacted them because I needed seeds for my Junior Master Gardener club and we’re on a small budget.  They sent me over 40 packets of seeds varying from vegetables to herbs to flowers.  These seeds are all for my area of the country.  I don’t know if they specifically picked what grows best here or just randomly sent me a bunch of seeds.  They sent a great selection.

Each packet is from an heirloom seed company and packed for the previous year.  Once they are printed with a date, they can’t be sold after that date but they’re still good.  My JMG club planted over 350 seeds one day for our upcoming plant sale and I’d say we had a 80% grow rate.  A Master Gardener friend told me that some of the seed may have molded and therefore didn’t germinate.

We’ll be dividing these seeds among the JMGers.  I’ve started some plants for them in some extra starter pots I have.

The website is www.dinnergarden.org.  Most seeds are available at local San Antonio restaurants, so if you’re in that city you can get them easily.  I sent them a request by email and received my seed in a week.  Check out their website for gardening tips.  They also need volunteers from time to time so, if you live there, please donate some of your time.  What a cool organization.

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