Community Garden activity

Today was garden day at the community garden for my Jr. Master Gardeners.
We had cleaned out the garden a few weeks ago. Some of the flowers planted have ended up in my backyard. I’m saving them for the JMG butterfly garden we’ll work on later this month.
Today we worked on the soil and planted some vegetables. I instructed the students on how to renourish the soil. They shoveled off a few inches of soil, then we put down Plant-tone fertilizer and cow manure. The new soaker hose was snaked through the garden and a light layer of soil was replaced to keep the hose down.
We put in four posts at one end for our beans. I’ll go back this week and add cross bars. So here’s what we planted: string beans, thyme, collards, bell peppers, cucumbers, one strawberry plant for the fun of it, leeks that we saved from the winter garden, and trombocino squash.
We finished off by putting pine straw around the strawberries.
The kids did everything; I’m very proud of them.

JMG Garden

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