Happy Arbor Day, Alabama

Arbor Day is celebrated at different times in different states. In Alabama we celebrate it the last week of the the month, so today is officially the end until next year.
The local communities each had their festivities. We missed the one last week in Fairhope but we went to the Daphne celebration. I’ve never been to an Arbor Day anything; I just heard you get trees for free.
I picked out white Crepe Myrtles, a Yoshina Cherry and a Fringe (I think it’s pink).
I have the perfect spots for these trees. On our wooded yard we have several trees that have died. I’ll have to work with the soil, but I plan to put them in place of (or nearby) the trees we just took down. They were all thin forest trees so there is a large root to work around.
I also stopped at Old Thyme Feed and Seed for some plants. My husband wants more herbs than vegetables in our new raised bed garden so I picked out another rosemary plant, and some pineapple sage. I have lettuce, garlic chives and we’ll plant tabasco peppers, too. There’s room for more; we just have to decide what to plant. I will run a trellis of beans.

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